At the track meet (photo by J. Schumaker)
Track team races through season
May 31, 2010
The Mill Creek Track Team had a track meet on May 14 against Ypsi East.  East was strong competition, but both guys and girls won. Coached by Mrs. Darnton, Mrs. Bauer, Mr. Wandyg, and Mrs. Wandyg, both teams have 7th and 8th grade sprinters, middle distance runners, and distance runners. When the teams were training five days a week, the teams improved their skill.

Isabel K., 7th grade track team member, said, “I think we have been doing good this year, because we have almost even amount of sprinters and distance runners.  Overall, with our great sprinters and long distance runners, we could win any event!”  

Brie H., 8th, said, “While training, the track runners split up into groups based on
their length of running. So the sprinters work on starting blocks or short sprints, the middle distance does longer workouts, and the long distance does a couple miles of running. That way, we all work on our separate routines, and get better at the specific events, and get faster!” Also, Brie said if the sprinters get better at sprinting, there are more sprinting events than long distance runs at a meet, so that is more events we are likely to win, and more points we can get, so we would have better chances of winning.

The track team did well, and as expected, won their meet on May 14 against Ypsi East. The girls won by about ten points, and the guys won by many points.