Camp Bonds 7th Grade
November 4, 2009
This past September all incoming seventh graders went to The YMCA Storer Camp.   The seventh graders go to the camp for one week, and they stay overnight!  The seventh graders go to camp to learn about being responsible and to become more independent; they also learn about friendship and teamwork.
Most of the students time during camp is occupied by camp activities.  Some of the things that the seventh graders get to do during camp is nighttime activities and day time activities.  Day time activities include canoeing, horseback riding, climbing a rock wall and more!  Nighttime activities include the Underground Railroad, square dancing, the Dutch Trading Ceremony and more.  "The Underground Railroad was my favorite nighttime activity because I got to travel with my travel group, and now I have a good experience to relate back too in history class," tells Haleigh S, 8th.
When Haleigh is asked if she enjoyed camp, she replied, "I did have a lot of fun at camp and I was sad to have to leave after such a short week, but that wouldn't make me want to go back.  Camp is one of those one time experiences. After it's been done once, to do it again is just old.  Going back is not as exciting."
When the seventh graders stay overnight at camp they either sleep in a cabin or a lodge.  The girls tend to get lodges and boys usually end up in the cabins, but every year two of the girl travel groups and two of the boy travel groups switch.  This makes it so that the two groups of girls have a cabins and two groups of guys have lodges, making the living arrangement non gender biased.  Most of the cabins and lodges are set up the same, even though lodges are newer.  The rooms usually have bunk beds, and cleaning supplies (broom and dust pan).  Lodges have an extra bedroom, this room can be used for campers or cabin parents.  The bathrooms at the camp are located, for lodges, inside the lodge, and for cabins, restrooms are in a building that is outside.
Camp is a group experience, the whole week you spend at camp is with a group of some sort.  "I really enjoyed getting to do everything with my group of friends, you get in a lot of true bonding time plus you learn more about your buddies!"  states Meghan L, 7th. "Even when you eat it's in a group of everyone you know."
Through the course of the week, one of the camp goals is to help the students find true identity and to grow.  The camp also helps campers work with team building.  The main goal of the camp though is to help make a cohesive group out of the seventh graders.  "Camp was like an outdoor school. You get to learn about science, history, orienteering, social skills, team building and of course you get plenty of exercise,"  said Meghan.