8th graders take trip to D.C.
May 31, 2010
On April 26th, the 8th graders left on buses on the way to Washington D.C.  The 8th grade class has taken this trip every year since 2007.  The price for the trip was around $800 per person, and there were multiple fundraisers ahead of time for people to put money towards the trip.  About 80% of 8th graders went.  Each group of eight people was assigned to a chaperone.  "This year was my first year going," commented Mollie Kemp, 8th grade teacher, "and I would definitely go again!"

On the first day, the buses drove almost all day, ending up in Gettysburg that evening.  Some people had different experiences on the buses, depending on which bus they were on.  Paul B, 8th, said that his bus was "really boring," while Olivia S, also 8th, described her bus as "an interesting ride."  After spending a couple hours touring the Gettysburg battlefield, everyone got back on the buses and headed for the hotel.  Four 8th graders were assigned to each room, and Olivia shared that "being in a hotel room with your friends is definitely fun!"

For the next three mornings, everyone had to wake up and be at the buses by around seven o'clock.  From there, they visited memorials, museums, Arlington Cemetery, and even went to the Luray Caverns.  Some other places to see were Mount Vernon (where people were able to take a tour of George Washington's house), the zoo, the National Cathedral, and of course, the White House!  With all of those places to choose from, different groups went to different places, so not everyone saw everything.  With so many places to visit, some got cut short on time at certain stops.  "It would have been nice to have more time to visit the Smithsonian museums," said Mrs. Kemp, reflecting on the trip.

For many people, the highlight of the trip was a cruise that was taken one evening on the Potomac River.  A buffet dinner was served, followed by a dance, and the top floor of the boat was an open deck.  Another school from Massachusetts was there, so everybody got a chance to mingle with friends and meet new people.  "I’d have to say that the cruise was my favorite part of the DC trip.  It was fun," commented Olivia.  According to Mrs. Kemp, the highlight of the trip was "the National Cathedral.  It was amazing to see!"

On the last day, everyone woke up bright and early, and headed out with a tour guide to explore Washington D.C.  From there, everyone got back on the buses for the two hour drive to the Luray Caverns.  Each bus was assigned a guide at the caverns, and spent about an hour walking through the caverns.  At about ten o'clock, the buses were set and ready to start the long drive back to Dexter.  Buses drove through the night, making a couple stops along the way, arriving back at Mill Creek at nine thirty in the morning.