8th Grade Maroon Football Beats Tecumseh
November 2, 2009
Two  weeks ago the 8th grade Maroon football team played Tecumseh away.  They won the game 14-8.

The game was tied 0-0 until right before the 4th quarter, when Zach T intercepted a pass and ran it back to the 5-yard line to set up a touchdown run by Robert P.  Kyle K successfully made the 2-point conversion on the direct snap to make it an 8 point lead by Dexter with 5 seconds left in the half.  At the start of the second half Dexter got the ball and turned it over on downs.  Tecumseh got the ball again and didn't make much of its chance and turned it over back to Dexter.

The Mariners had the ball at around the 50 yard line.  Zach H had a big catch and gain that put Dexter at the 35 yard line.  On the next play Derek S handed the ball off to Robert P for a loss of yards.  The play after that Zach had a big play again on the 40-yard connection from Derek for a touchdown to put Dexter up by 14.  The 2-point conversion wasn't successful.

Tecumseh got the ball and didn't have a good drive and turned it over again.  Dexter got the ball at their 20-yard line.  On the first play Robert P had a huge run of 70-yards to put the Mariners at the 10-yard line.  Will G almost had a touchdown catch but dropped it on first down.  After that the Indians had a big defensive stand and held the Mariners at the 10 yard line.  

The Indians looked like they were going to give the ball right back to the Mariners until they had a huge run out to the 50 before the ball carrier was tackled.  After that the Indians dominated the Mariners' offense and scored a touchdown on a 5 yard run a few plays later.  They converted the 2-point conversion to make it a 14-8 game.  They didn't recover the onside and Dexter ran out the clock to win the game to make Dexter's record 3-1.  

Brandon B, 8th, said, "The Maroon team is so good, because they have Derek playing at quarterback."  

Many people don't defending against Tecumseh's offense, because they run an offense that people usually don't see.  Paul B, 8th, said, "I didn't like to play Tecumseh, because of their offense."