Airsoft is better than paintball
March 28, 2010
Airsoft is a game that is sweeping the nation.  We think that Airsoft is better than paintball because Airsoft only gives you small welts while paintball will give you large welts or it can cut your skin open if you are wearing little or no protection at all. There have been reported accidents of people hurting themselves with paintball guns. One in particular was a boy who was thirteen and he shot himself in the eye with a paintball gun and he will be left with permanent eye damage. Matt R, 8th grade, said, “I think Airsoft is [better] because it's not as messy and it doesn't hurt as much.”

Another reason we think Airsoft is better than paintball is because the guns don't cost as much. Good paintball guns cost from a range of $100 and up, while good Airsoft guns cost $29.99 and up. So there is a big difference in cost.

The Airsoft guns are very realistic and don't have big CO2 tanks or cords on them, unlike paintball guns. There are also lots of replicas of modern day guns and guns from the past like the M1A1 Thompson from World War II.  Daniel S, 8th grade, says that he likes to play paintball more than Airsoft “because you know if you got hit and it is more realistic than Airsoft.”  Most of the Airsoft guns have plastic on them but some are full metal.  

We also like Airsoft because many people play it to have fun, instead like paintball, people play it in tournaments.  Airsoft BB's don't cost as much as paintballs.  Airsoft BB's cost $10 for 2,000, and for paintball, to get 2,000 paintballs you have to pay $44.99.  Airsoft guns are easier to break but are still pretty powerful.  

People that play paintball think its more manly because it hurts more, but is it really more manly?  If you want to find out, try playing Airsoft or paintball.