Band and orchestra come together
June 3, 2010
This year, on May 27th, the 7th Grade Dexter Band and Orchestra came together to perform at Mill Creek Middle School. The music directors of Dexter decided to do this so that the young musicians could get a new perspective of different types of music, and what playing with an orchestra/band sounds like.

Mia F, a 7th grade orchestra student, said, “I think that [playing with the band] is a great opportunity to hear different instruments.” While many Band and Orchestra students feel the same way, others don’t. Casey H, 7th grade band student, said, “I feel weird playing with the orchestra because there are not as many instruments playing with you, so it doesn’t sound normal.”

The pieces that the 7th graders played are challenging. However, it was mostly difficult for the band students, because they weren’t used to certain things that occurred often in the orchestra music such as trills, and quite a few sharps in the key signature. When asked if she liked the music they they played, Mia said, “Yeah, I guess [the music] is cool. The orchestra music might be a little too orchestra-like [classical] for band members though.”

The orchestra and band students only met twice a week, and to some people, that seems pretty limited. “I think the band and orchestra should meet more often because they’re so many students, therefore we need more time to rehearse,” said Mia.

Also, only the top few chairs of each instrument in the band got picked to play with the orchestra. “I think that worked out well because usually the first few chairs are pretty good,” said Alex A, also a 7th grade band student.

The place the students performed at was their own school, Mill Creek.  Instead of a formal concert, it was a potluck that anyone could come to hear. People ate, the band and orchestra played, and overall, “I think most people had a lot of fun. I did, just hanging out with my friends after [we performed],” said Maddie S, 7th grade orchestra student.