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Baseball is better than soccer
January 1, 2010
Many people love America's favorite sport, baseball, but do they love it more than the world's most loved sport, soccer? I know I like baseball better than soccer. But what do people in other countries think? Baseball takes some of their natives to the U.S. to play.
Baseball stadiums can hold a lot of people just for one game. According to http://major-league-baseball.suite101.com over 75,959,167 fans attended MLB games during the season not including playoffs. Soccer stadiums can only hold so many people. If some people were asked to name five Major League Soccer teams they could name probably two. The same people could probably name ten Major League Baseball teams. When asked about choosing one sport I got many different answers. “I would choose baseball because because I'm better at it and it's more fun,” said Derek S., 8th. “I've also played it all my life.”

I play baseball and still play today. It is my favorite sport of all-time. I've also played soccer but I don't like it as much. Torrin B, 7th, instead likes “soccer, because I've played it for much longer and enjoy it more than baseball.” Soccer is a sport that you need to be moving during the whole game and some people just don't have the endurance to do that. Baseball you get a break about every ten seconds or so depending on what happens at home plate. Jake K, 8th, said, “I would choose soccer because baseball is boring and I did play T-ball but hated it.”

The MLB also brings in lots of foreign-born players every year. According to every teams' rosters and disabled lists from Opening Day of the 2009 season, http://mlb.com said that 229 out of 818 players in the MLB were born in a country or territory outside of the U.S. “Baseball brings in many great foreign-born players,” said Derek. “Most of the amazing players of all-time come from other countries such as Ichiro Suzuki.” This source also said that foreign-born players take up 28% of all players. Soccer players mostly stay in their countries to play the sport.

Soccer takes too much work and it is less popular, so if you have to choose between the two, pick baseball.