All about Ms. Bronson
June 7, 2010
"I have no sense of smell, I have been an administrator for nine years, I grew up right by Frankenmuth in a town called Clio, and I taught science to one of my co-workers when they were in 7th grade." Can you guess who said this? If you guessed Ms. Bronson, you are correct!

Ms. Bronson was born without a sense of smell, she was the assistant principal at the high school for three years before being the principal at Mill Creek for the last six, she grew up in Clio, Michigan and when Mrs. Mutschler was in 7th grade, Ms. Bronson was her science teacher in the same classroom where Mrs. Mutschler now teaches.

Ms. Bronson is liked by many people around Mill Creek including Megan L., an 8th grade student who is also a J.A. and who works closely with Ms. Bronson. Megan said, "She's really funny and easy to approach. I wouldn't be scared to go up to her or anything."

Ms. Bronson's job is very important. She is one of many reasons why our school is known around the state. Ms. Bronson has won many awards including Principal of the Year. "My favorite part about my job is being able to work with kids. I used to want to be a scientist but as I started helping kids I realized I enjoyed being around them. I eventually got my Bachelor of Science and my Teaching Degree so I would get the best of both worlds. I never planned on becoming a principal but when the assistant principal job opened I thought I would try it. It turns out this is what I love to do," Ms. Bronson explained. Ms. Bronson attended school at Eastern Michigan University.

“I was born on the 50th of July. If someone knows what this means, I will give them a Jolly Rancher,” said Ms. Bronson. Ms. Bronson grew up with one sister, Jennifer, and one brother, Jimmy, who are both younger than her. Everyone in her family has a “J” name: Jami, Jimmy, Janice, Jennifer and Jim. Ms. Bronson loves puppy chow, veggie cabbage rolls and chips and salsa but she hates peas. “My pet peeve is when people chew with their mouth open, especially in a movie theater, and when people crinkle wrappers when I am trying to sleep.” Ms. Bronson's favorite color is bright pink and she doesn't eat a lot of meat.

Students here at Mill Creek love Ms. Bronson for many reasons. "She's a great principal," said Megan. "She talks to everyone and is just really involved in all of the school's programs and activities." Whether Ms. Bronson is in the halls saying "hi" to kids, or in her office doing work, she is someone kids are able to talk to. "She's very down to earth and understands middle schoolers well. Half the time she acts like a kid, so it's really easy to have fun with her! Every time I see her I think of DC when I had her as a chaperone," Megan joked.

Most of our school doesn't know Ms. Bronson that well, but “they should really try to, because she is a great person,” Megan said.