Chile's earthquake kills
March 28, 2010
On February 27, 2010 an earthquake of a magnitude of 8.8 struck the lower coast of Chile causing destruction and debris everywhere. The shudder was felt as far away as Sao Paulo in Brazil. The government identified 279 of the victims and there are more to be identified later. The government put the death toll at an estimate of 802 dead.

There is talk about how the earthquake may have taken 1.26 microseconds off of our day.

If the Chilean Government called for it, President Obama has stated that the United States will be there to help. Though for now the Chilean government is content to wait this one out.

Two oil refineries were shut down and nervous drivers were rushing to full up their cars' oil tanks. Also Chilean state television reported that at least 209 inmates escaped from prison after a fire broke out, but rumor has it that 60 of those prisoners were forced to return to the prison and are now held there.

Chile has been known for earthquakes because of its position on the globe. It is on an earth plate called Nazca, which is named after a southern part of Peru and Chile.