Mill Creek Choir
Choir goes to state festival
May 31, 2010
On Thursday, May 13, the Mill Creek Choir went to Jackson Community College for the Michigan State Vocal Music Association's State Choral Festival. ”I [was] excited because Mill Creek has never been to a state festival before,” said Kendall B, 8th grade choir member. To be able to go to the state festival, Mill Creek had to get an excellent or better (scoring) at the district festival.

Choir students left at 7:20 am to go to Jackson. When it was their turn, the students sang "The Gypsy Rover" and "The Drunken Sailor" before four judges. Three judges gave them a score of one to five in six different areas and then the fourth judge told the students what they could improve on. Then, they waited for a final score. The score can be anywhere between 18 and 54, 18 being the best and 54 being the worst. Mill Creek got a 24.  “I thought we would do good because we have a great director, Mrs. Julie Bassett,” Kendall said.

 According to Carissa S, 7th, choir is a good class. ”I think that choir is really fun and most of the teachers and students are really nice and I think there should be more boys. There’s only three boys.”

Others have mixed reviews, like Kaitlin Y, 7th. ”I really think that I might try something else that I find more interesting to me, but choir still is awesome!”

According to Chelsea K, 7th, singing can do more than help you have fun. ”I like singing because it helps me release my stress and just makes me feel like nothing else in the world could be more important.”