Circus comes to Mill Creek
May 31, 2010
On May 7th, Mill Creek students had a circus-themed dance in the landing. This was their 4th quarter dance which was organized by the dance committee which is part of CS&L. It was supervised by helpful parents.
This dance was different than usual. There was not only a dance, but activities in the hallways and in the gym. While walking to the moon bounce you could learn how to juggle, watch some magic tricks, and dress up with your friends for a picture. “The dance was pretty fun but I wish more people came,” Jaimie O, 8th, said.

Over 300 tickets were sold for the dance, which was more than usual for the last dance. “The theme for this dance was unusual and fun. Who doesn’t like the circus?” Abby M, the 8th grade JA in charge of the dance committee, said. Mrs. Berryman, one of three teachers who run the CS&L class, said, “I think all the kids that attended had a good time. There was more to do.”

Mill Creek dances start at 2:45 and go until 4:45 after school. The students can buy tickets for $3 at lunch the day of the dance or in front of the main office after school. Once the students paid, they waited in a line according to their grade. At 2:45, kids started entering the landing where the dancing immediately started. The students danced for a while until Mrs. Berryman explained the activities in the halls. After her announcement, the kids were free to do as they wish, as long as rules were followed. A rush to the gym occurred, as predicted. Most teachers and some parents supervised the kids and made sure no rules were broken.

Many kids who attended the May 7th dance had a good time. “I had a lot of fun at the dance with my friends. I will definitely go to all the other dances,” said Jaimie. Some of the favorite activities were the moon bounce, the magician and being able to dress up with your friends for a picture. Other students enjoyed the food at the dance, which included popcorn, cotton candy, pizza, drinks and of course candy.

Although a lot of kids go to the dances, many kids don't attend. Eden K, an 8th grader who didn't attend the dance, said, “I went to the first dance but it was very boring so I haven't been to another. From what I have heard, I am glad I just went home after school.” The most popular reason why people don't go is they say no one else goes and if they go no one dances so it is pointless. This year the rules seem to have changed but they are just being enforced. Teachers will give you a warning before being asked to leave for inappropriate dancing. Another rule that some were surprised by was that the halls, other than the ones with activities, were closed and the second floor was also closed.

Overall, the dance had a great turn out and many considered it as a success.