Dance Marathon raises funds
March 20, 2010
Dance Marathon took place on March 12, 2010 at Mill Creek. Planned by CS&L, Dance Marathon donated pledge money from dancing and games to Mott’s and Beaumont's children's hospitals to give to children with disabilities. Dance Marathon earned a total of $4,695.29.

Dance Marathon went on for three hours from 6 to 9 p.m. Mill Creek's Dance Marathon was created by a past student to help create a better life for children with disabilities. Dance Marathon happens every year to make life better and a bit more bearable for children. Colin N, is the creator of Dance Marathon and is now in Dexter High School.

Dance Marathon participants pledged to dance for three hours without stopping and the money they earn went to Mott’s and Beaumont's children's hospitals. There was more than just dancing at Dance Marathon. CS&L had other fun activities planned such a games, raffles, and yummy food such as popsicles. For every $50 earned for Dance Marathon, a person's name was entered into a drawing for a prize of a football signed by the Michigan football team and a basketball signed by the Michigan basketball team. There is also a drawing still going on to raise even more money for Dance Marathon.

"I liked Dance Marathon. They played a lot of good songs but they never played the ones we requested. It was good, but it could have been better," said Sam M, 8th grade student.

Dance Marathon was very prepared for. CS&L planned every thing to the letter. All students that had wished to join in Dance Marathon collected pledges for the big event. Dance Marathon updates were also told on the Mill Creek morning announcements.

“Dance Marathon is good because it's raising money for people, but I don't want to dance for three hours,” said Eric E, 8th grade student.

“Dance Marathon is a good way to raise money,” said Kyle G 8th grade CS&L student.

Dance Marathon is well known throughout the school and many students went while many did not. Twelve out of twenty students that were asked were planning to go before Dance Marathon took place.  "I wasn't going to Dance Marathon because I'm too busy, and I have a life at home,” said Katie H., 8th grade student.