School dances are dumb
January 7, 2010
Students have been raving that the school dances aren't the best. “The staff is too strict and there's nothing really to do there since we can't grind,” quoted 8th grader, Garret W. This year's and last year's themes have been very similar. White or Black out, disco ball and strobe lights, and glow sticks!    

“The themes are kind of boring. They need to decorate or something,” quoted 8th grader, Parmeda S.  It may be new for the 7th graders, but for the 8th graders it's a waste of time, and I agree.

One of three reasons why I personally hate the school dances are, IT IS TOO HOT! More than half the time at the dances I'm standing outside of the cafeteria sweating. It is jam packed in there and there's no fans, and only one door open. Parmeda said,“ Yea, it's dumb they won't let us wear shorts or tank tops during the dances because it's really too hot.” Come on, there's 300 kids in there! We need more doors open or fans. “The worst thing about the dances are that it's too warm,” quoted 7th grader, Derek W.

Since it's like 100 degrees in the cafeteria, I would think we would be able to wear shorts or tank tops.  Not like booty shorts, but not long shorts. Obviously not, though. I don't understand why. It's not during school hours and it's really dark at the dances so it's not like anyone can see anything. Plus, it's our legs! Last time I checked legs weren't a private area. If we can't wear shorts, then we should have free drinks to rehydrate our bodies. “If I could change one thing about the dances it would be to have free drinks,” Derek W said. When I went to the dance I felt like I was going to pass out.

The last reason why I don't like the dances are because they play terrible music. The Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana don't get me “pumped up.” If the 7th graders want to listen to that then maybe we should have separate dances. “The music is alright,” quoted Derek W. Instead we should play All Time Low, appropriate rap songs, We the Kings, etc. Maybe a group from 7th grade and a group from 8th grade should take a survey of songs and play those at the dances.  The thing that gets me really annoyed is dancing to those Cotton-Eyed Joe and Love Shack dances. Garret W. said, “I hate the music they play.”  I can see why the 7th graders might be excited because I was excited about the first year of dances but the 8th graders are really annoyed. “I can see why they don't let us grind, but they don't even let us slow dance! Slow dancing is cute and it's not sexual in any way,” quoted Parmeda S. I totally agree with what Parmeda said. We are only thirteen or fourteen, but the staff makes too many limits. We've had to go through the same thing and we want to have a dance that we can enjoy too. We should have the 8th graders plan separate dances.