Dexter the Dog arrives next year
May 31, 2010
Ms. Bronson, Mill Creek principal, is getting a dog for Mill Creek next year. His name is Dexter.  He is a black Labrador Retriever.

The Rotary of Dexter (business owners) had the idea of getting a dog and told Ms. Bronson about it. “Only one other school in the state has a dog,” said Ms. Bronson, “and that’s Brighton.”

Teachers are applying to be “hosts” or “grandparents” of Dexter.  The hosts will take care of him on a regular basis and the grandparents will take care of him when the hosts cannot. The trainers of Dexter are going to be choosing the hosts and the grandparents.   

So what will Dexter do?  Dexter will come in every morning and greet students as they come into school and off the bus. He will travel around the school and visit classes during reading hours, etc.  Students will get to read with Dexter and say Hi to him in the hallways.  Dexter is also going to work with the counselor and being with the students for grief groups and other groups to offer support.

Students seem to be pretty excited about the dog.  Jon L., 7th, said, "It is a good idea, but the downside would be that [the dog] would bark at the students." Dexter, however, is going to be trained well before he comes to the school.  Sydney E., 7th, said that she is really excited and that she "likes doggies."  She also said that it could be a problem with allergies.

However, Ms.Bronson already thought about this.  The school is going to figure out who has allergies and how bad they are.  If a student has a bad allergy, Dexter will not be allowed to go into the room that the student is in.  

Sydney says, “I do like the name Dexter; it represents our city and our wholesome school district.”