DHS Prom 2010
May 31, 2010
On Saturday, May 1, at 8:00 p.m., the Dexter juniors and seniors had their prom at the Dexter High School. The Prom Committee set up the prom and made it possible for the high school students to create a memory that would last forever.

Now you’re probably wondering how did the prom become Harry Potter themed? Well head of Prom Committee, Mrs. Surfus, says, “The Student Council picks a list of theme ideas for prom. The high schoolers then vote and the top voted for theme wins! This year had the themes of Harry Potter, Mardi Gras, Around the World, and a couple more. It was challenging because Harry Potter is magical and students expect authenticity and it was hard to create some of the elements.”

Not only high schoolers and chaperones were there, but middle schoolers were there to help in the quidditich pitch. Rosie K., a 7th grader who helped with prom, says, “It was really awesome! I really liked the walls, and the bathrooms were really well set up!”

Rosie said she really wanted to go “because I enjoy Harry Potter and I thought it would be fun!! I liked going, even though it was raining. l got to hang out with my friends and I got to experience prom before I was allowed and I got to see the pretty dresses!”

The middle schoolers enjoyed enjoyed prom, but did the high schoolers?

“Yea, I had fun. I wish they had more food, more desserts. But best part was winning the Nearly Weds game with Matt Logan!” said senior Austin S.

This year there were a lot more students than normal. Mrs. Surfus said, “The hard work really did pay off because 100 more students came this year than last. The students were really appreciative and they really liked it!”

The special education kids in the high school got to come to the prom an hour early and enjoy the experience. This has never been done before.