Strict school dress code makes some sense
June 9, 2010
Ever been told, “You need to change your clothes” or “Pull up your pants”? A lot of people disagree with or dislike the rule of having to have your shorts end below your fingertips, having to have shirts that cover your shoulders or are at least three fingers wide, to have no undergarments showing, and having to keep your pants around your waist. I personally think that the school dress code is too strict, although it has good reasoning.

Jenna L., 8th, said, "I don’t like the school dress code because I feel that the teachers just like having something to yell at us about and there’s really no point.”

One reason I think the school dress code is too strict is because it’s really hard to find shorts that end below your finger tips. Most stores, in fact, have shorts that are way too short. It’s also really hard to find summer shirts you like that cover your shoulders.

Some students don’t like how only some people are getting in trouble for short shorts. “I hate how teachers let certain students slide with the rules. They don’t spread out the meanness equally. I feel that I’ve been a victim many times,” says Sara M., 7th.

Another point I have for thinking the school dress code is too strict is because I find that too many people are getting in trouble for not following the dress code. Teachers can easily tell if your shorts are too short.

Crystal K., 7th, said, “Some people, like me, have long arms and long legs and it’s hard to find fashionable shorts that reach finger tip length!”

It’s been estimated that 50 to 100 people have gotten in trouble for not having school appropriate clothing. Most of these were only warnings and not actual referrals.

”There should be a school dress code. But if they're going to enforce it, it should be fair to all students,” says Mrs. O, parapro. "They should make it mid-thigh. Finger tip doesn’t work but we can’t have people coming into school dressed like that [with shorts too short].”

And lastly, I think school dress code is too strict because even when it’s hot out on a school day you still have to wear shorts that end below your fingertips. Many people (girls especially) complain about being too hot during school.

7th grader, Paige O., said, “I don’t get why shirts have to cover your shoulders. Why not three fingers like it used to be?”

Although there’s down sides to the school dress code think of it like this: would you rather wear uniforms? Instead of all dressing the same, we’re lucky that we can at least choose what we want to wear, while following school rules.

8th grader, Jenna L., agrees but says that sometimes uniforms can look cute!

Therefore, I find dress code to be a little too strict but for a good purpose. If you agree with this idea, you should make a petition or should talk to the principal about this rule. Changes definitely need to be made.