Eclipse movie released
May 31, 2010
On June 30th of 2010, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse hits theaters everywhere.  The movie follows the best-selling series of books written by Stephenie Meyer. Eclipse is the second-to-last installment to the series after Twilight, the first, and New Moon, the second. “I thought the Twilight Saga was a great series, and I loved every page!” says Sierra L, 8th. “I have seen the other movies, and I thought New Moon was better because the director for Twilight was awful.”

But exactly how big has the phenomenon of Twilight actually become? According to Wikipedia, Twilight alone has sold over 47  million copies, New Moon has sold over 52 million copies, Eclipse has sold over 58 million copies, and Breaking Dawn, the final book in the series, has sold over 69 million copies. Withing in the first ten days in theaters, Twilight made over $100 million dollars. “I thought the books were well-written, I got sucked into them,” Avery G, 8th, said, “I thought the movie New Moon was better because it follows the book more.”

Teens everywhere are asking the question, Team Edward or Team Jacob? Edward is the mysterious, sparkly vampire, and Jacob is the strong, hot werewolf. Jacob Black is introduced briefly in Twilight, and returns for most of New Moon. Jacob is present for Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn as well. “Team Edward all the way! Jacob's a stinky dog, and he's mean,” said Sierra. Sara M, 7th, disagrees. “Team Jacob, because he's way hotter! And he doesn't sparkle...”

The release of Eclipse will be a whole new epidemic for the Twilight Saga. “I am definitely going to see Eclipse when it comes out because Eclipse was my favorite book in the series. I'm excited to see if it's like the book,” said Avery. In Eclipse, Bella and Edward's love is still in danger.  New problems face them: Bella struggles to let Jacob go, Jacob fights to win Bella back, and Edward must decide whether to change Bella or not.

“I probably won't go see it, unless my friends drag me with them,” said Sara, “But I would recommend the books to girls, even though most girls have already read them and seen the movies.  But guys aren't really into vampire and boyfriend stuff, so they wouldn't like it as much.”