Relapse 2 release canceled
by Al S
May 31, 2010
On April 13, 2010, Eminem announced he was no longer working on Relapse 2.  He told fans that his material just wasn’t good enough and that he needed to work from a new angle.  

But just who is Eminem and why does this matter?  Well you see, a few years ago a white rapper from Detroit named Eminem was really popular.  He had gone from a nobody on the streets to a Grammy-winning musician.  After being a success for a few years in 2005, he decided to take a break to get some help in rehab to overcome his drug addictions.

Last year, Eminem made a comeback with his music and released a new album called Relapse.  When he came back in 2009, his new album featured songs like “Crack a Bottle,” “Beautiful,” and “We Made You.”  His album soared to the top as number one for several weeks.  Shortly after the excitement for Relapse died down he released an extended version of the album called Refill.  It featured seven new songs including “Forever,” “Drop the Bomb on ‘Em,” and “Taking my Ball.”  He told fans he was working on another album, Relapse 2.

During his Relapse and Refill tours, he changed his mind about the whole thing.  On April 13, 2010 he announced that he was ditching Relapse 2 and starting over.
This disappointed many people, but some seem to take a different view on the subject entirely, like Jake R, 7th, who says, “I’m not a big Eminem fan, so I don’ really care.”

Eminem thought the material on Relapse 2 was going to be weak and so he started from a different angle.  His new project, Recovery, will come out sometime next spring.    Then on April 29 he came out with a new single “Not Afraid” to temporarily satisfy fans while he works on Recovery. It is currently one of the top rated songs.
Noah M, 7th, says, “It’s one of the best songs he’s ever made and it’s one of my favorites.”  Along with his new songs becoming popular, his older works  like
“My Name is,” “The Real Slim Shady,” and “Lose Yourself” have also received a lot of praise.