Hannah Montana: Why it Should End
June 7, 2010
Have you ever been annoyed by Miley Cyrus/ Hannah Montana? Well I have. This summer Disney Channel is broadcasting a new show, Hannah Montana Forever! I think that Miley should say no and quit being Hannah Montana, forever!

Student Emily F., 7th, also agrees. “Hannah Montana isn’t a good role model for children, which the show is made for. I don’t think she is good role model because she dresses inappropriately and her music isn’t for young ears." I have to agree with Emily that Miley has been dressing inappropriately and her new song “I Can’t be Tamed” isn’t the best song for children.  But there's another side.  Emily continues, "I also don’t think that Miley giving up Hannah Montana is a good thing. I think it kept her in bounds and getting rid of her kiddish side will make her more inappropriate.”

But Student Abagail U., 7th, says, “I think that getting rid of Hannah Montana is and isn’t a good thing. It is because she’s getting too old to be Hannah Montana and she isn’t the right person to be Hannah Montana, but I don’t think the show should end.”

I also think that Disney Channel depends too much on Miley for good income and more fame. Without her show, Emily thought, “Disney will probably find some other teenager to make money off of.” I also agree with this statement. The new Disney show Good Luck Charlie has the main character of Bridgit Mendler. Bridgit is just about the same age as Miley is now. And the show premiered after the season finale of Hannah Montana.

The third reason I think Hannah Montana should end is because all the actors and actresses have their own dreams and when the show ends they will finally be able to accomplish those dreams. In an interview with Disney, Jason Earles (a.k.a. Jackson Stuart), 33, said that later in life he would like to become a director or screen writer. If the show ended this year and Disney didn’t start the new show, I think Jason would be able to accomplish his dream.

Although most middle schoolers might agree with me, some younger students would be very sad to see the show end. As you all know, the Pennies for Patients we did last winter was for a young girl named Erica. On Erica’s information sheet it said that she enjoyed Hannah Montana.  

“I don’t think Hannah Montana should end because it will break little children’s hearts and I care about little children,” said Abagial.

So whether you think Hannah Montana should end or not, the new show will be premiering this summer.