Eyeglass drive brings sight
June 2, 2010
Mrs. Snider and Mrs. Kemp’s anchor classes won the eyeglasses drive that was held May 3 to May 14 at Mill Creek by bringing in the most eyeglasses. Mrs. Kemp’s class brought in 26 eyeglasses and Mrs. Snider’s class brought in six. Forty-six eyeglasses and sunglasses were brought in total for this quarter's eyeglass drive.   

“I think the eyeglasses drive is a great way to help people!” says John B., 7th.

The eyeglasses drive was organized by the Helping Hands and Community Outreach committee. The competition was to see which anchor class could bring in the most eyeglasses and sunglasses. Bags were put in each classroom for the students to put in the eyeglasses they brought. There was one winner for the 7th grade and one winner for the 8th grade. The winning classes will receive a prize of popsicles.

“The eyeglasses drive is a cool idea to help people that are less fortunate in Africa,” says Zach R., 7th.

 All of the eyeglasses collected will be donated to the Lions Club. They do this to help people in Africa to prevent cataracts, which is a disease that can cause people to become blind.

Meghan L., 7th, says, “I think the eyeglass drive is a good idea, but I think they should only have it once a year because by the end of the year, no one has any more eyeglasses to donate.”

According to Jayden W., 8th grader in Mrs. Kemp’s class, on the Helping Hands and Community Outreach committee, Mill Creek is not the only school collecting eyeglasses. “We are also holding an eyeglasses drive at Wylie,” says Jayden. The Wylie eyeglasses and sunglasses drive went until May 28.