Facebook vs. Myspace: Which one is better?
November 10, 2009
The internet has many social websites where you can connect to the rest of the world by chatting, pictures, videos and more. There are hundreds of sites... but two of the most popular sites are Facebook and Myspace. They are many similarities, but a few differences which make people want to chose one over the other.

According to Wikianswers.com currently in the year 2009, 321.1 million people have a Facebook and only 100 million people have a Myspace page. These are people from all over the world. This obviously proves that Facebook is more popular than Myspace. And it is pretty much guaranteed to stay that way for awhile!

I personally prefer Facebook over Myspace. Laura S, 8th, said, "I think that it has more things to offer such as Farmville, Sorority Life, Yoville and more. Those are games where you can create an avatar and play with them on a farm or in a city. Facebook also has applications such as Flair or Bumper Sticker which decorates your wall and page."

Facebook has more fun games to play and to verse other people on. Crazy Taxi is one of the more popular games that people play. When asked which site is more popular, Laura said, "Well, parents prefer their kids to have a Facebook over Myspace because some children have been killed, raped or kidnapped because Myspace makes you put out personal information on your page and Facebook does not. Myspace is a lot more confusing because they don't make things clear enough."

Facebook also has hundreds of different quizzes to take and you can post your results on your home page. The quizzes are just fun things to do when you're bored at home and you just want to do something fun. Some of the quizzes are, When will you get married? What hairstyle fits you best? What stereotype are you? What's your true color? What is YOUR shoe? And many more.

People can comment on your statuses and write stuff on your wall and chat with you if you are both online. People from all over the world can become your friend if you want them to be. You can also do some of this stuff on Myspace but Facebook makes it more interesting and makes you want to comment or write on people's walls or pages.
When someone requests you on Facebook, there are two buttons that you can click. One is confirm and the other one is Ignore, but if you ignore the person, they won't get notified... so you won't feel bad! Myspace on the other hand is very confusing. Like Facebook, you can get connected by typing in peoples' names and requesting them too. But you can sometimes get notified if the person rejects you, which wouldn't be good.  

They both have many users, but Myspace has about 200 million less than Facebook and it doesn't have as many things to offer as Facebook does. Such as the games, quizzes and the overall fun that Facebook has.

Now if you have Myspace account, think about what you just read and hopefully you'll realize that Facebook is a lot better. It's private and it's just fun overall.