Glee is the best show ever!
June 9, 2010
It’s a Tuesday night, 9pm and you don’t know know what to do. Look no further, Glee is a musical comedy-drama tv series about a high school show choir in Ohio. We think that Glee is the best show ever!

One reason we like Glee is because it always has cool dancing and they sing great songs. “I adore Glee because it’s amazing and they sing the songs amazingly. My favorite part of Glee is when they sing songs and the dramatic parts,” says Sydney E., 7th. Glee has sung hit songs from Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Journey.

Another reason Glee is a great show to watch is because lots of people watch it. Glee has about 10.7 million viewers. "Lots of people I know watch Glee, and they all love it!" says Allison M., 8th. Sydney E. also adds, "Most people I know watch Glee or at least have heard of it."

Not every person on Earth likes Glee, though. Some people disagree that Glee is a good tv show. Noah M., 7th, says,"I don’t watch Glee because there is no action, and a lot of romance. I like to dance, but I don’t like watching other people dance.”

But high school drama is another reason why we like Glee. “The plot line is always really good and it keeps you interested,” adds Allison M.  The show is unlike anything on television these days, with juicy plots, drama, comedy, and singing. “My personal favorite plot is the when the Glee club goes to sectionals!” says Meghan L., 7th. “The choreography and music inspired me. I can’t stop watching!”

If you don't watch Glee but you'd like to, you can watch it Tuesdays on Fox at 9pm.