Curtis Granderson is a great player
June 8, 2010
There are many baseball players out there and some of them are not that good, but I think Curtis Granderson is a great player. Granderson is a great player for many reasons. Others agree with me. “Curtis was great, but Austin's doing good, so I'll root for Curtis in New York,” said Cole R, 8th.

 One reason that he is a good player is that he has great speed. “Yeah, I thought he was good because he has speed and can hit well,” said Kyle D, 7th. In 2009, his speed got him eight triples and 23 doubles. In 2007, he got 23 triples and 38 doubles. He also has made many amazing plays due to his speed and talent. (If you want to see some great plays, go to youtube.com and type in "Curtis Granderson plays".)

Another reason Curtis Granderson is a great player is that he can hit really well. In 2009 Granderson got 30 home runs and 157 hits. He also, as I put it earlier, had a lot of triples and doubles.

Another reason he is a great player is he is a good role model. He does not smoke, he does not do drugs, he does not take any steroids or any stuff that makes his athletic performance better and he participates in many organizations for kids. "Something that makes a good baseball player is that he is not self centered and does not take steroids and crap to bulk up,” says Emily S, 7th. He is a good role model on the field, too. When he misses a ball or strikes out or even ends a game, he gets back up and tries again. In my opinion Curtis Granderson does his best. As he likes to put it,"Our team goal is pretty simple … basically prepare ourselves to play for nine innings every day, every series, and against every opponent. For me individually, it's more of just trying to play my role the best I can every day."

Of course, every great player has their flaws. Curtis Granderson has had some rough games in the past. But to those who don’t think he is a good player or just plain don’t like him, think about this. Magglio Ordonez has had rough seasons, yet he is a good player and a favorite to many as well. Armando Galarraga also has had his rough seasons but on June 2, he pitched a perfect game that was destroyed by an umpire that apparently couldn’t see straight. Curtis Granderson is awesome in my opinion.

Even though Granderson may not be the best player in the world, he is certainly my favorite.