Anna B with henna (photo by L. Lutton)
Henna (photo by L. Lutton)
Henna artist visits studio art class
June 7, 2010
On May 5, 2010, Mrs. Lutton's Studio Art class had a special guest come in to teach them about different cultures and art. Her name was Hiral.  Hiral gave the class a presentation on henna, a dye that people in India use as body art for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, etc.
"Henna smells like a little piece of heaven," comments Kyle G, 8th, while he was drawing with henna on his skin.  Henna actually smells so good because it is made from a plant called henna.  The plant only grows in arid climates such as India.  At first people who lived in India smashed up the plant and put it on their feet and hands for the cooling sensation that henna brings, but people soon started making body art out of henna and now it is a well known tradition.
After the presentation that Hiral gave, students got the chance to draw with henna on their classmates.  "Henna is so different from a tattoo," says Anna B, 8th.  "After a couple of weeks it comes right off, unlike a tattoo which stays on forever."
Henna can go on any skin color and the dye turns the skin a dark red but it soon fades after a week.
"It was very interesting and a great opportunity to learn about another culture's art," said Casey O, 7th, when asked about the presentation.  "I learned a lot. I never knew henna can dye your hair or that it can be used as a sunblock."
All of the kids enjoyed the presentation and Hiral.  Most of the students got to take home their own small packet of henna. “I thought was very successful,” says Mrs. Lutton, about the guest speaker. “I liked how Hiral gave us the background of henna. That it's much more than painting on your skin.”