Your high school questions answered
January 28, 2010
As class requests for next year come due, there is a lot of talk among 8th graders about what it is really like to be a freshman in high school. If you ever wonder or worry about what high school is like then keep reading. In this article, the top 5 questions about high school asked by people in 8th grade will be answered. These aren’t questions that can be answered by the teachers or the counselors. That is why I answered these questions by talking to actual high schoolers from Dexter High School. So to find out what its really like to be a freshman at Dexter high school keep reading.

The first question which almost everyone wanted to know, was "What if we don’t have any friends in our lunch?" Jackie W, a juinor at Dexter High School, says, “Your lunch is based on who you have in your fourth hour class.”  She also adds, “It's very rare not to have anyone in your fourth hour or your lunch who you can at least talk to.” Katie D, a freshman, says, “If you don’t have anyone in your lunch just try to introduce yourself and make new friends even if it seems scary.”

Another popular question was, "What are upper class men like?" Kayla R, a freshmen, says, “Treat them with respect but not like royalty.” Emma M, another freshman, says, “When you're a freshman you shouldn’t act like you run the school because then upperclassmen get mad at you.” Jackie W adds, “Don’t group in the hallway because upperclassmen aren’t mean but they do need to get to class. So just as long as you stay out of their way you shouldn’t have problem with them.”
Next up was, "What are the dances like?" Kayla R says, “They're good but now they are starting to change the rules on dance so it might not be as much fun." Katie D disagrees, saying, “The dances are a blast!”

Here's an important one since people are signing up for classes right now. The question was, "Are there some classes you should avoid?"  We shouldn't worry. Jackie W. says “Choose classes you're interested in not just because they sound like blowoff classes.”
The last question was, "What are some after school things to get involved in?" “There are tables you walk around and visit a couple of weeks into school," says Emma M. "I'm not in a club because I didn’t walk around and see all the tables but, I wish I would have.” Jackie W says, “I really enjoy drama club.” Kayla R says that cheerleading is the best.

There were some additional comments from the high school students. Kayla R says that lunch ladies are your best friends. Jackie W says, “Go to orientation and do not be afraid to ask questions because it can be very helpful.” “Try to make lots of new friends,” says Katie D. Emma M says that it is so helpful to get involved in a fall sport because you start practicing in the summer so it makes the transition a ton easier.

 So after reading this I hope that you feel more confident going into high school. And as you can see upperclassmen aren’t that scary, and we can learn a lot from them. School is supposed to be fun, so join some clubs, make new friends, and have fun!