Dell vs. Hp
November 14, 2009
There are two main computer companies that manufacture computers with the Windows operating system.  They are Hewlett-Packard (Hp) and Dell.  According to Wikipedia both companies have a long history.  I like the Hp for a few reasons.

One reason is that Hp is a much larger company.  Hp
was founded in 1939 when William Hewlett and David Packard established the company in Packard's garage with an investment of $538.  Dell was founded by Michael Dell in 1984 with an investment of $1000.  At first, his business operated from Dell's off-campus apartment. Now, Hp is a bigger company than Dell. In fact Hp is the world's largest technology manufacturer. Hp's net income in 10.473 billion and Dell's is 2.478. 

Another reason I like the Hp computers better than Dell computers is because they are more creative and have more features.  Hp really put all on the features into one laptop with the hp touch-smart tablet PC.  Some of the features on the hp touch-smart tablet include a touch screen, a finger print-reader and a swivel screen.  These are useful when working with media such as editing pictures and viewing them on your computer.  Also these are useful when using programs such as Google Earth, because the touch screen is much easier to to use in Google Earth than a mouse.  Dell has tablet PC that is similar, but it is lacking the reasonable price and most of the features. Nathan D, a 7th grade student at Mill Creek Middle School, says,"I like the Hp computers because they are really creative and they look nice."

Also, I like Hp because their company is more diverse than Dell. 
Hp makes more types of technology products. Cameras, storage devices, scanners, copiers and all in one desktops are all products that Hp manufactures that Dell doesn't.  Ron Darr, a school board member for Dexter Schools, says, "I like Hp because they have a more diverse product line."

So when you are shopping for a new printer, laptop or other technology look at creative Hp technology products rather than a Dell.