How to tell you're in Michigan
June 7, 2010
Let's pretend that you're on a plane, flying over the United States, and the plane crashes.  You land in the center of a field, out in the middle of nowhere, and you're not quite sure where you are.  Here are a few ways to tell if you landed in Michigan, the Great Lake State!

1) People say "pop," instead of "soda" or "soda-pop." 

2) You can get frostbite and a sunburn in the same day.  Weather in Michigan is always crazy. It's sunny one second, and stormy the next! "You can be at the pool tanning one second, then - BAM! - it starts to rain!" says Olivia S, 8th. 

3) The people, when asked where they live, can show you using the back of their left hand.  You might hear "I live in the thumb," or "kind of by this little freckle right here, but a little to the left."

4) If you ask someone their favorite holiday, the opening day of deer hunting season is one of their answers, along with Christmas!  After they answer, they begin telling you about their favorite recipes for venison... "Personally, my favorite holiday is Martin Luther King day," commented Garret W, also an 8th grader.

5) People have more miles on their snowmobile than their car.  With all the snow Michigan gets during the winter, most people find that there's nothing better to do on a cold snowy day than go snowmobiling!
6) People know that the "y" in Ypsilanti is silent.  It's not "Yipsilanti."
7) There are four seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter, and summer.
8) There are no celebrities.  While Michigan might be the perfect place for a hopeful farmer or a family that loves camping in the wilderness, I'm not quite sure it's first pick on Brad and Angelina's list of places to live.
If you've found that most of the above things were true, then you're probably in Michigan!  Described as "sunny and beautiful" by Olivia, and "awesome!" by Garret, many people think that Michigan is a great state to live in :)