All about LeBron James

January 21, 2010
Ever heard of LeBron James?  You probably have, because he is an amazing basketball player.  But not only did he play basketball, he played football as the quarterback in high school.  LeBron was a good athlete all of his life, but no one knew he was that incredible, until he entered the NBA.  He wasn’t immediately a star, though.  After a few years of getting to know the league he became a star.  And now he averages about one block per game.   Alex P. had to say, “I think that LeBron's career took off in his third year. The greatest athlete of all time was Michael Jordan, and it definitely was not LeBron.”  

LeBron is known as one of the world's greatest basketball players, and also one of the world's greatest athletes.  He is compared to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, two of the world's best athletes as well.  Although many people criticize him for being a ball hog, if he was on your team, you wouldn’t criticize him for that, you would be encouraging him to shoot more than anyone else on the team.  Alex said, “LeBron is not the best player in the NBA, because he is a ball hog. Kobe is the best, because he just shows up and plays, doesn’t try to be amazing.”   But Derek W. said, “LeBron is a ball hog, but he should be because of his talent."   

Derek W. said “Michael Jordan is my favorite player ever, but LeBron is the best basketball player because he is a beast."  Also he is the world's best athlete, because he is fast, strong, and can jump high! One of the biggest reasons people know LeBron is because he makes insane buzzer beaters, and crazy shots in practice. His points per game average is 29.6.  This is very high.  As in the one time he threw a football the full court length, and swished it.  He was also a good quarterback in high school.  He played for two different teams, and both of them he dominated on.

Whether you like LeBron James or not, you know that he is an amazing basketball player.  Von H. agreed. “LeBron is the king!  You can’t touch him, he’s a beast!”  That is why LeBron James is one of the best basketball players.

Who is better, Kobe or Lebron?

March 26, 2010   
There is one thing that everyone wants to know: who’s better, Kobe Bryant or Lebron James?  They are the two top players in the NBA league and people have been comparing them to Michael Jordan.  Lebron James is a great basketball player and most people think that he is better then Kobe Bryant, but I think that Kobe is the better basketball player.  

Kobe Bryant is getting older but now he is not just a good basketball player. He now has experience, too. From playing in the NBA for twelve years, he has a better three point shot than Lebron, and Kobe is a better clutch player. Lebron seems to start his games out strong but end weak.  

Kobe Bryant stands at 6-6, 200 pounds and wears a size 14 shoe. The position he plays is shooting guard. He has led his team to three consecutive national championships. Kobe Bryant has had multiple winning seasons with the Lakers.

Both Kobe Bryant and Lebron James were drafted right out of high school.  If you compare the stats between the two, Lebron James is better.  8th grader Derek S said, “Lebron is more athletic, can drive better, and he’s a better basketball player than Kobe.” Lebron James is 6-8, 250 pounds and has played six years pro. On average, Lebron James scores 29.9 points per game and has 7.30 rebounds per game compared to Kobe’s stats which are 27.6 points per game and 5.40 rebounds per game.  However, Kobe Bryant has had multiple winning seasons with the Lakers. Lebron James has played six years for the Clevelend Cavilers and has only won one NBA MVP award.

7th grader Chris B said, “Lebron is amazing.” Both of these basketball are really good, but like Chris, I like Kobe better. If you don’t agree with me, than you should watch Kobe play and see how much better he is than Lebron.