Lions football could be worse
November 16, 2009
Do you think  that the Lions are the worst team? Well I don't think so. The Lions have one win, which is already better than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, St. Louis Rams and the Tennessee Titans which all are 0-6 and the Titans were a very high ranking last year and also went to the playoffs.

I know what you are saying - that one win still isn't that good and I agree. But they are in the NFL with the best football players all around the world. If they were the worst team in the NFL, they would still be the 32nd best team in the WORLD and that is pretty good.

And the Lions also have some very good players like Calvin Johnson at wide receiver, who has 22 receptions but only 1 touchdown. And running back Kevin Smith. And don't forget their kicker Jason Hanson who has made a 56-yard kick and his career percentage in field goals made is 82.3% which is pretty good. Still, Dylan P said, "They suck and they always have," and Nick R said, "It is sad that they are bad."

If you still think they the worst team in the NFL, I looked up and found that they are not the worst in any categories like rushing, passing and defense. I am not saying they are the best team... I am just saying that they're not a bad team.