Opening day for Little League
May 31, 2010
On Saturday, April 24th, Little League opening day was happening! All of the Little Leaguers were on the baseball diamond at Mill Creek for the opening ceremony before their opening day game.

Some people enjoy opening day. Paige O, 7th grader who plays major softball in Little League said, “I enjoy opening day. It's exciting and I love that it is the beginning to the season."

Others like Noah M., 7th grader and also a majors baseball player, disagree with Paige.
“I thought opening day was quite boring and the weather didn’t make me want to stay for a long time!”

Is opening day really needed? Noah M. thought, “I don’t think it’s needed. It’s a waste of four hours and to save time people could be playing their games during the opening day ceremony.”

Although Noah has a valid point, Paige thinks “It's an exciting experience because you see your competition and uniforms for the first time!”

Opening day was very eventful. Every Little Leaguer had to take pictures with their team, get individual pictures if they wanted, and be in the parade. Everyone's parents and players watched the players. This year, instead of the first pitch they had the first hit. Before that all happened, there was the parade.  The parade was when all of the teams from T-Ball to Majors all went and showed off their team!

Most of the younger kids have a good time, but do the bigger kids have as much fun as the younger kids? Noah. M thinks, ”Since most of the older kids have played Little League before, they have been to plenty of opening day ceremonies and the littler kids haven’t so they think that it's really cool because it's new to them but the big kids have gotten used to it.”

On the other hand, some big kids still have a boat load of fun on opening day, such as Paige O. “I know I have a lot of fun, but I do think it is a different experience for younger kids, it being there first time and all. But it doesn't mean the older kids don’t have a good time!”

In a parent's perspective of opening day, Beth K, a mother of three whose daughter is in Little League softball, happens to enjoy opening day. “It brings all the teams in a moment where all can remember /focus on what Little League is about.”