Ludington Magnet School, Detroit, MI
Ludington exchanges students with Mill Creek
by ZOE W
May 31, 2010
In March, the students of Mill Creek and Ludington Magnet School came together for the Ludington Exchange. Students from Ludington visited Mill Creek, then Dexter students visited Ludington. The Ludington Exchange was meant to bring together different learning styles so students at both schools could learn what it was like.

Both 7th and 8th graders from Mill Creek were selected to be involved with the exchange. Isabel K, 7th, says, “Teachers selected the students they thought would be best to represent the school.” Some students in the Fry team said that they had to write an essay about why they would be a good person to go. 6th, 7th and 8th graders from Ludington were chosen to visit our school.

Kids from Ludington visited Mill Creek first. They came by a regular school bus, no charter bus or anything. When they saw our school they were surprised. Sara M, 7th, says, “They liked our food a lot. And all of them seemed surprised that our school was so big!”

Ludington Magnet school is listed as a Schools to Watch, along with Mill Creek. Ludington is a hard school to get into, and you have to send in an application. All of the students are required to wear uniforms. Luke B, 7th, says, “The boys had to wear a nice dress shirt, either red or blue, with khakis. The girls had to wear the same thing, but sometimes they could wear a dark dress skirt.” Security was also a big deal. Sara says, “The school was in a bad area of Detroit. The stores around the school seemed bad and there was caution tape around all of the abandoned houses.”

Luke says, “It was a lot smaller [than Mill Creek]. The lockers were all beat up. There were pipes sticking out of the walls. The teachers were very strict and there were security guards and cameras.” The school may have been very different, but both schools have a excellent academic achievement.

Although there are differences between our schools, there are also some similarities. Isabel explains, “They had electives just like us. They had band and orchestra, but they’re combined.” Just like full orchestra, all the time. Luke says, “They sort of had the same taste of music than us. They’re total Justin Bieber fans. Well, the girls are.”  

It seems both of the schools benefited from the Ludington Exchange.