Photo by Vern Duncan
Dexter wrestlers compete
March 26, 2010
On Saturday, February 27, 2010, the Dexter wrestling team went to Tecumseh High School for an individual tournament. Dexter had quite a few wrestlers on the podium by the end of the day.

The wrestlers competing in the tournament included Steven B., Evan B., Derek W., Aiden H., Blake W., Jonah H., Kyle P., Angelos B., Louie K., Chris D., Nick G., Zeke B., Zack S., Brad P., and Dominic D.. A couple of wrestlers that took medals were Zeke B.-1st, Steven B.-3rd, Nick G.-2nd, Derek W.-1st, Kyle P.-2nd, Vince P.-2nd, and Jonah H.-5th. Steven B., 8th, said, "We only had nine kids last year, we had 25 this year so it’s a big improvement and our coach was pretty good.”

At the tournament in Tecumseh there were a few wrestlers that were knocked out pretty early in the day like Brad P. and Zack S., but there were many that went pretty far in the tournament like Steven B., 8th, who took third and said, “I should have beat that kid from Holt and that Manchester kid who he was in the finals.”  

For the 85-pound championship Zeke B. had to wrestle another Dexter wrestler, Vince P, 7th. Zeke B. took first after beating Vince P.. Steven B. lost his match to a Holt kid after a couple extra overtime periods but still went on to take 3rd at the end of the day.

There were some comments on the quality of the refs at Tecumseh. “The refs were biased, and the one ref never got on the mat,” said Steven B., 8th.

The Dexter wrestling team was coached by Kurt Phelps this year. “He was awesome and should coach again,” said Derek W., 7th. Coach Phelps was new to the middle school wrestling team  this year after replacing the coach of last year, Coach Lucas.

By the end of the wrestling season, most wrestlers had a winning record and some were even undefeated.