What you don’t know about McDonalds
by ZOE W.
June 10, 2010
Billions of hamburgers each year. Forests cut down to make the paper bags that litter roads and sidewalks.  Those golden arches that we have come to know so well are an American icon that everybody knows. McDonalds may be the most American thing we have.

In 1954 Ray Kroc went to a small but successful restaurant owned by Dick and Mac McDonald. Kroc was amazed of the quality of the food, due to its menu of only hamburgers, fries and beverages. Kroc pitched the idea of a large chain of restaurants, with the same quality of food. The brothers agreed. By 1960 Kroc bought the rights to the McDonalds name.

Ray Kroc wanted to build a system that would be famous for the high quality and uniform methods of preparing the food. He wanted to sell burgers that tasted the same in Michigan as they did in California. But now 50 years later, McDonalds has fast food restaurants all over the world.

Sophie H, 7th, says, “The food is really good. Their McFlurrys are the best. But the food has really bad quality.”  She’s right. The food that you eat from McDonalds is very low quality.  A quarter pounder contains 48% water, and yet still has over 500 calories. The food contains high amounts of fat, sugar, animal products, and salt, while low in fiber and minerals.  According to mcdonalds.com, their fries contain 270 mg of sodium!

Jake R, 7th, claims, “I actually do enjoy McDonalds, but I like Wendy's more.”  Personally I like Taco Bell more, but the food there is also really bad for you.  Many people have several favorites, but it seems like everyone goes to McDonalds at least once a month.  Sophie says, “I go like once a month. Maybe twice.” While Jake claims, “I go once every other week.”

The cattle that produce the meat in McDonalds hamburgers, consume over 145 million tons of grain. If we sold the grain, it would be worth $20 billion, which could feed, clothe and shelter the world's entire population for a year. But the question is, do you think the United States could live without McDonalds for a year?