Michigan football starts well then stumbles
November 12, 2009

The University of Michigan football team was having a great bounce back from last year's horrible 3-win season, which was the worst record in the history of the school.  They started off strong with a 4-0 start.

They started off the season 4-0 until they lost at Michigan State in a close game in overtime.  The next game Michigan had another close game and almost had a long drive in the final minutes of the game to beat Iowa.  They were almost in field goal range, but Dernard Robinson threw a pick on an overthrown fade route.  Iowa then ran the clock out and held on to win 28-30.  8th grader, Mallory M said, "They should have beaten Iowa, because they worked very hard and had a lot of effort."

The next week the Wolverines redeemed themselves and blew out the F.C.S. school Delaware State 63-6.  The Wolverines then played the Penn State Nittany Lions the next Saturday, hoping to win their first FBS game in 3 weeks.  Penn State snapped Michigan's winning streak against them last year in a blowout 45-17.  Penn State is ranked 18th in the country and lost to Iowa earlier this season, also.   Michigan didn't beat Penn State, though.  They lost to bring their record to 5-3.  The following week they got blown out by Illinois, which had a 1-6 record.  And then they lost to Purdue.  So now Michigan has a 5-5 record.

They still need one win to be bowl eligible.  They have some very important conference games up ahead including Ohio State. Michigan is really hoping to make a B.C.S. bowl game this year after breaking their 45 year streak last year.

Michigan still has the opportunity to finish the season in the top 25 if they win the rest of their games.  Derek S, 8th, said, "Michigan should be ranked in the top 25, in my opinion."  

The Michigan football team is hoping to beat Ohio State and get revenge from last year in a couple of weeks, in which if they win they might be ranked and boost their possibility to play in a bowl game.  Michigan has a better chance of playing in a bowl game if the standout freshman quarterback redeems himself and plays like he did at the beginning of the season and leads this seasoned offense.  The offense has been being shutout in their recent games, and needs to get their stride back to make a bowl game this year.