New entrance to the gym being built
June 7, 2010
“I’m confused as to why the school district is spending money on the new entrance, when there are already about four other doors to the gym that people can use,” says Rosie K, a 7th grader at Mill Creek. Obviously, she doesn’t think that the new gym entrance is a good idea, but I do. There are many benefits to having a new entrance to the gym at Mill Creek.

One of the many advantages is that the new entrance will greatly increase the schools’ security. “The new entrance will be good for the school to rent the gym out on weekends. It will also increase security for sporting events [or something else]. People won’t have to walk through the building,” says Ms. Bronson, Mill Creek's principal. I agree with her.

Another benefit to the gym add-on is that some elderly people who just want to get to the gym, have trouble walking through half of the school. “Elderly people sometimes get frustrated [that they have to walk that far],” says Ms. Bronson. Having the entrance will make it easier for everyone, younger or older.

When asked if she has any environmental concerns, Rosie K says, “Well no. It’s a really small area they’re constructing on, and I’ve never seen any animals, besides birds, anywhere near there.” I think she’s right; since Mill Creek isn’t exactly in the woods, or any other convenient habitat, we don’t really have to worry about little critters. But, is it a minor pollution problem? “I doubt it. I mean, it’s not helping global warming and stuff, but it’s not greatly impacting it either,” says Rosie K.

The project to build the new entrance to the gym started in May, and the goal is to finish it before August 30th. This means before students and teachers go back to school, Mill Creek Middle School should have a nice new add-on. “[The entrance] is supposed to look similar to the library. It will have all the nice windows,” says Ms. Bronson.

I’m looking forward to seeing the nice new addition to the school. It looks like not only will the new entrance be efficient, and (hopefully) make everyone happy, but it’ll look great, too!