Welcome, new students!
November 12, 2009
As you may know, we have many new students this year.  All of them seem to like it here! 

Two new students, Kavi K and Ellie N, both agree that this school is much different than other schools.  Kavi, who came from Daycroft Montessori, says,
"I think students get a lot more freedom here."  Ellie, who used to be homeschooled, says, "Mill Creek is much different from being homeschooled. The classes here are so much more organized than they were at home."

The new students feel like they have been changed by Mill Creek.  For instance
, Ellie says that she has made a lot more friends since she started public school.  Kavi says, "I think Mill Creek has made me more mature.  We get more responsibility here."

New students seem to really like Mill Creek. Hopefully they do well this year. Keep making them feel welcome and comfortable and help them to have a great year!