Opinions on Obama
October 16, 2009
Should we give a Nobel Peace Prize to someone who hasn't done anything?

Within the first seven days of his inauguration, President Obama had gotten a nomination for the same prize Martin Luther King Jr. got for promoting integration. I don't think that Obama has done anything on quite that scale.

Another reason he shouldn't have gotten the prize is that he hadn't even done anything yet. He got nominated for what people thought he was going to do. I must admit though, I'm proud of how far our nation has come since even the early 1900's!

A lot of people were happy and joyful when our first black president was elected, I know even more people who aren't. Robert P, 8th, who is anti-Obama, for instance says, "[Obama] hasn't done anything yet, and he better do something soon, otherwise he's going to have a lot of angry people on his hands." Robert says, "He supports different religions, when half of them don't even exist in America. He should be focused on something like the economy."

Zach H, also in 8th grade, who is pro-Obama, says, "He is an amazing, and powerful man. He has reasons to do what he does." Zach says, "He is a gift from above! PRAISE THE LORD!!!" Obviously there are many differences between each other.

Although it seems that many people are on either sides of Obama, good and bad, I am a neutralist. I don't really know why Robert hates him, but I also don't know why Zach loves him. It doesn't makes sense to me. Just do me a favor, see past Obama, but don't hate him for his differences.