Oil spills into Gulf of Mexico
May 31, 2010
A oil pipe leakage in the Gulf of Mexico is now more serious than ever before.  On April 20, deep-water Horizon broke an oil pipe and now more than 210,000 gallons per day are draining into the Gulf of Mexico. It happened with an explosion when drilling.  The explosion killed eleven workers.  BP PLC was leasing Horizon at the time, and is now charged of the incident and has to clean up the oil, and fast.

“If I could do anything to help, I would,” said Avery G, 8th. The good news is that you can. When purchasing one bottle of Dawn dish soap, your purchase will contribute one dollar to the important wildlife conservation efforts of the Marine Mammal Center and the International Bird Rescue Center.
Dawn is helping the lives of animals that are effected by the oil.  Dawn holds rescue sites, secures the scared and injured animals, cleans and rehabilitates them, and eventually releases them into the safe clean wild.

“Whoever made the mess should clean it up,” says Eden K, 8th.   BP PLC is doing their best to clean the water.  They have miles of narrow tubes doing the best to suck the oil from the water.  The tubes have drawn over 84,000 gallons a day.  But once the oil spill is in action it stays in action.

The oil from the spill has entered the powerful current and has a good chance of taking it to Florida and other Gulf states, where fishing is shut down because of the spill entering Florida and the Mississippi River. “I am mad that it has killed turtles and wildlife. It's truly disappointing,” says Eden.   Now seven percent of federal waters are effected.  Now nearly 46,000 square miles, or nineteen percent of water, is effected in the United States because of the massive oil spill.