Alexander Ovechkin vs. Sidney Crosby

Ovechkin rules
by BEN G
January 5, 2010
In hockey you must be quick, stong, smart, and agile.  Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby play in the NHL and have mastered these abilities.  You might have heard of them, if not these two are considered rivals.  Alex Ovechkin wins this rival any day.

A big part of hockey is playing physical, in other words checking.  Alex checks like crazy, Sidney on the other hand doesn’t, which to me is a big reason why Ovechkin has more points.   Alex Ovechkin has, 237 goals while Sidney Crosby has, 149 goals.  Alex Ovechkin can also get checked without complaining.  Freddy B a eighth grader says, he likes likes Alex Ovechkin more because, Sidney Crosby to him is a “cry baby”.  Sidney Crosby struggles when it comes to playing physical.  

Alexander Ovechkin is also a great player because he plays every minute of the game.  He works as hard as he can every game wether his team is winning or losing.  Scott R a eighth grader says, “playing every minute of the game is super important. If you don’t your reputation or the way people look at you won’t be as good.”  If you don’t play every minute of the game you could let the other team take the lead, or catch up to you, a comeback.  This happens in many NHL games, which is why its important to play every minute of the game.
Both Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin play forward, but they also have to no how to play defense.   A lot of times in hockey a forward will have to play defense, in this case you are expected to play as well on defense as you are as a forward.  You don’t exactly have to play this position for long, just until the real defenseman gets back to defense.  Most people cannot do this that well, but Alex can.  He is great at forcing the other team to give the puck up to him so he can get it out of the zone.  Sidney can play defense but not as well.  When I watch Sidney play he tends to not work as well on defense.   He also wants to play offense so much that he might leave someone uncovered to get the puck.

The Washington Capitals are not the most talented team, but since Ovechkin arrived they have been doing much better.  The Pittsburge Penguins, the team Crosby is on has always had an excellent organization.  Ovechkin was not a big hit as a rookie, like Crosby was, yet Ovechkin seems to be becoming a better player.  Jake S seventh grade says, “He’s good but a little cocky.” Alexander has worked very hard for his stats, and his achievements. He is a very talented young player, which has a lot of potential.  Cheer for Alexander Ovechkin and his team the Washington Capitals.

Crosby deserves respect
June 9, 2010
There are these two great hockey players here in the NHL today.  Their names are Sidney Crosby, who plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins, and Alexander Ovechkin, who plays for the Washington Capitals.  They are both really talented hockey players.  I think Ovechkin is better than Crosby.  

What really annoys Pittsburgh fans is that hockey fans call Crosby a “cry-baby.” Ever since Sidney Crosby has entered the NHL, he has been called a cry-baby.  The thing is that people can't come up with an example for why he is a cry-baby.  I'm not saying Crosby's the best player in the NHL, I'm just saying he is the hardest working hockey player out there.  

Another reason people don't like him is because he doesn't hit as much as they think he should.  Crosby just plays the game and he scores goals, he gets assists, and he wins games (even a Stanley Cup).  “Crosby is not a cry-baby.  He just stands out from everyone else by just winning games,” said Christian C, 8th grade.  This goes back to when Mario Lemieux and Claude Lemieux played in the NHL in the 80's and 90's.  Mario was one of the best hockey players of all time.  People didn't like him because he didn't get into fights that much and he didn't hit.  Now as you do realize, it seems that NHL fans like the bad guy.  Claude Lemieux was the bad guy.  He was always getting kicked out of games and got suspensions during games.  Fans liked him because he was the tough guy of the NHL.  I don't think Crosby is as good as Mario Lemieux, but he has the same attitude as him.

Alexander Ovechkin is the NHL favorite today.  He's a big hitter and a fighter.  He basically does everything for the Capitals and that's why he hasn't won a Stanley Cup.  The other thing is that Ovechkin is dirty.  He hits from the back and he does knee to knee hits to other players.  He has gotten two suspensions for doing that.  

Fans say Crosby is the cocky one, look at Ovechkin!  His celebrations after he scores a goal are ridiculous.  He slides on his knees  when he scores a goal.  “Ovechkin is like a soccer player when he scores a goal,” says Don Cherry, who is a commentator on “Hockey Night in Canada” on CBC.  Sidney Crosby does not do that.  My opinion on him, I think Ovechkin's a goon.  One time against the Pittsburgh Penguins in the second round of the playoffs, the game was over and he on purposely ripped a slap shot at Penguins defender Rob Skuderi.  One of his knee to knee hits was on Penguins defender Sergei Gonchar, who was injured for two games.  I think Alexander Ovechkin is a terrific hockey player, but I don't think he is a good sport.

Now we all know that Ovechkin and Crosby are both great hockey players.  The final stats of this past season for Ovechkin are 50 goals, 59 assists, and 109 points.  Crosby's final stats are 51 goals, 58 assists, and 109 points.  I don't like it that fans think that Crosby's a cry-baby.  He just plays the game.  People just have an obsession of putting down Crosby.  Ovechkin is dirty and he doesn't use his team to win games and that's why he doesn't win Stanley Cups.  Maybe if he goes to another team that does play as a team, he'll have a couple of championships under his belt.  

Fans just need to respect Sidney Crosby.  He has a Stanley Cup, and he scored the winning goal for team Canada to win the gold medal in the Olympics.