Patrick Swayze dies
November 23, 2009
A well-know actor passed away on September 15, 2009.  Patrick Swayze was a well known actor who starred in many movies.  Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in early 2008.  The doctors only gave him five weeks to live back then, but he outlived the date by one year and a half.  He worked hard during that time because he felt he needed to continue on with his life no matter what was happening to him.  Swayze appeared on many talk shows and discussed his battle with cancer and how it has affected his life.  His wife of 38 years, Lisa Niemi, has been by his side since they found out.  She has been supporting any and all decisions that he has made in dealing with the cancer and about his career.

Rosemary P, an adult in the Dexter community, states, "Patrick Swayze was a man of many talents and ranges." Swayze's last television series was, The Beast, on A & E.  His started that television show last year while battling cancer and has worked diligently day after day until his death this past September.  The show had been a hit since it started.  His biggest hit was the movie Dirty Dancing with Jennifer Grey as his co-star.  Along with his television series and the movie Dirty Dancing, Swayze had accomplished stardom with other movies, such as Road House, Next of Kin, Ghost, Point Break, To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar, and others.  He is considered an icon in the movie business.

Swayze will be sadly missed by many, especially my mom, Piccolo, and Kathy M, who adds, "Patrick Swayze was the epitome of a strong and sensitive man."