Soul Silver and Heart Gold to be released
January 25, 2010
Everyone knows Pokemon, if you played it as a kid with the cheap thin sliced cardboard cards with a character on them.  Pokemon is releasing two new games for the Game Boy console.  

In the past, you had the basic groups of cards (Grass, Water, Fire and Lighting), which soon evolved to more categories, like Psychic or Darkness.  Pokemon has not only made cards, but they have branched out into the television business, soon to reveal movies also.  The T.V. series still is on air.  The normal episode is a long adventure through the Pokemon world.  Pokemon took a big step in their technology when they extended their Pokemon games to the Game Boy. 

Pokemon has really advanced technology-wise, but is it all worth it? Pokemon is releasing two new DS games that have a release date of May 2010.  The games are going to be called Heart Gold and Soul Silver.  Both games are sharing memories for the old Pokemon games Silver and Gold.  Justin G, a seventh grader at Mill Creek Middle School. says, “I like the idea of an updated version of Silver and Gold.” 

Other people think the same way toward the update, like this student Aaron B, a seventh grader at Mill Creek and also a Pokemon player, “I am intrigued on how they are going to update the classic games of Silver and Gold.”
Pokemon has upgraded their graphics, because more technology gives more ability to make graphics better.  For all Pokemon lovers they will have to wait until May 2010 till the release of the new Pokemon games.