Do we eat too much popcorn?
December 1, 2009
Do you think that we eat too much popcorn? Me, I don't think that we all eat enough.  I mean that - we really don't eat that much popcorn in the first place.

I think that it may not be that bad.  Sure, some of us eat a bag of it every other night.  But I think that if it can stop us from getting diabetes then we should all definitely eat a little bit more of it.  Because there was some new research discovered at Tufts University in Boston reporting that whole grain foods like popcorn, bread, cereal, and oatmeal may prevent type two diabetes.  What they discovered from almost 3,000 people is that those who eat the most whole grain foods have the lowest insulin levels, have a lower body weight, and have lower cholesterol levels than people who don't eat very much whole grain foods. But the researchers don't really know how the whole grains affect your insulin levels but they are guessing that is is more than one reason. Information reported from Web MD.  So I think that popcorn really isn't that bad and people who think that it is bad should really reconsider the facts that it might help prevent type two diabetes.

But popcorn can be bad for your health. If you have it with butter and salt every time it can cause high cholesterol. Andrew P, 7th, says, "We eat way too much popcorn, especially with everything we put on it like butter and salt. We really could cut back on how much that we eat."

Allie S, 7th, agrees, "I think that we really do eat a lot of popcorn and we could cut back."

But my conclusion to this is that a lot of people, including Ryan Sharrar, 7th, overexaggerate that popcorn isn't good for you and that it is a fatty food or a food that you can't eat.  My conclusion is that popcorn really doesn't have that much wrong with it, and if you think about the facts then maybe you should eat popcorn a little bit more.