Quads beat dirt bikes

March 25, 2010
If you are into quads and dirt bikes this article is for you!  ATVs and dirt bikes have always been a topic I would love to write about.  I would just like to state my opinion: quads are better than dirt bikes.

It starts with the dirt bike.  The dirt bike has been around for a long time.  It's basically a motor on two wheels, except it can travel up to 100 mph, depending on the type of bike you have, and the terrain you're traveling on.  Dirt bike racing is a very popular sport, and many young kids get into very early in their childhood because dirt bikes come in all sizes, and are light, so if they get into a accident while riding it won't physically hurt them that bad. Plus it is pretty hard to flip a bike up in the air.  8th grader Blake W. said, "I like dirt bikes way better because they can do more stuff, get through tighter stuff, and are just all around awesome."

Now it's four-wheelers turn.  They are multipurpose vehicles.  With many uses, the four-wheeler can be used in racing, recreational use and many more.  Plus obviously quads have four wheels so it is way easier to balance on than a dirt bike.  Quads have way more overall torque and power than dirt bikes. For instance, a quad can pull an average size tree, are less expensive, and are able to run during the winter.

Quads are just better, as I said earlier, because quads can be used for way more stuff than dirt bikes.  Plus I think they're safer than dirt bikes because they're way easier to balance on, rather than having only two wheels.  In addition, they can run during the winter season, and on virtually any terrain, ice, sand, dirt, mountain, anything. You name it, and quads can probably do it. 

Dominc D., 7th, said "I think quads are better because they are more useful and have more power.”  I totally agree with Dominic, to have that much power on four wheels is incredible.  Plus, like dirt bikes, quads come in all sizes but are cheaper.  So I think quads are better.