The Harbour to reopen soon
DIMITRIOS P November 13, 2009
Oh no! The school store is closing!  No, not really.  The students are just getting ready for next quarter.  Most of students in first quarter's class said that the quarter went well. The store was open for 10 minutes during all of the school lunches on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  The school store will reopen the 2nd week of quarter two.  The Harbour sells items such as erasers, pencils, socks and other school supplies. 

The Mill Creek school store, The Harbour, is part of the requirement for the Future Entrepreneurs class.  The students had to work five shifts to get full credit and some students worked seven! 
At the end of first quarter, students set up for second quarter by counting change, checking inventory, and setting up their display of items.  Some items disappeared when they were working; some students of the class said they were stolen, other ones in the class said they were just miscounted.

Kids loved the stuff at the store, from erasers to socks; the store had it all.
"One of the weirdest things we sold was boxers!" said Andrew P, 7th grader in Future Entrepreneurs class.  The least expensive items in the store were the pencils, which were "4 for 25 cents."  The most expensive item in the store were the boxers at $14 each.  The boxers were school themed and said "Dexter" all over them.  The most sold item for the first quarter was the Obama pencil. "I felt in charge running the store. It was really fun," said Carly K, 7th grader in Future Entrepreneurs class. The students had to do inventory, count money, and sell the merchandise all for a class. The students had a great time working and they felt grown-up running the store. A lot of stuff was sold due to the great work by the future entrepreneurs class.
  So as you begin your holiday shopping, keep in mind that we have a store right here in our own school!  Check out the Harbour beginning the 2nd week of the 2nd quarter.