Shaun White’s career
March 25, 2010
Shaun White is a world famous professional snowboarder and skateboarder.  He is known as an icon for snowboarding around the world. I mean, it’s hard not to recognize long, bright orange hair.  It just sticks out, and some people used to call him a flying tomato because of his hair.

Shaun is known more for snowboarding than for his skateboarding, but he competes worldwide in both sports.  His most recent medal came in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, but his firs medal was a silver in the Winter X-Games in 2002.  Sophomore Justin M. said, “My favorite thing Shaun does is his Double Mctwist 1260 because he made it up and it’s awesome.”  Which is the main reason Shaun won his gold medal in Vancouver.

Shaun was born in San Diego, California in 1986 and before he was a year old had gone through two vital surgeries to fix a heart defect he was born with.  At a young age he was already surfing, snowboarding, and playing soccer despite the difficulties of his heart problems.  One of the White family’s favorite things to do on weekends was to go skiing. By the age of four, Shaun showed skiing wasn’t even difficult anymore, so in an attempt to slow him down a little bit when he was about six, his mom strapped him onto a skateboard and told him to copy everything his older brother, Jesse did.  All it did was challenge him to go even further.

Shaun’s parents supported his snowboarding since the day he started and when he was seven he entered in his first snowboarding competition ever and won.  This gave him a wild card entry into Nationals, and he placed in the top ten.  His snowboarding career only went up from there.  When he was thirteen he went pro with the help of his sponsor Burton, one of leading leading snowboard companies in the world.

Shaun won five amateur National titles and had his first medal in the Winter X Games medals in 2002. At the time Shaun was amazingly only sixteen years old and was competing with world-class snowboarders. He has been on the podium every year since then.

Today, Shaun is a two-time Olympic medalist and he’s only 23 years old.  His most recent medal was a gold in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics in the Men’s Halfpipe event.  None of his competitors even came close to beating him. One of them, the silver medalist, even said, “It's impossible to beat Shaun unless he falls."  Nobody is even close to White’s skill level, and when he pulls off his Double McTwist there’s just no way to win.  The cool thing is White invented the Double Mctwist 1260 and he won his gold medal because of it.  8th grader Kaylyn P. said, “What I like about Shaun White is he can do the best Double Mctwist.”  The judges seemed to like it too.  They watch for big air and big tricks, and White had both of those in Vancouver this year.