Photo by Kennedy S
Technology Addictions vs. Kids
March 25, 2010
There have been many new technology inventions in recent years and these cause teens to spend 31 hours a WEEK on the computer! Technology absorbs students into texting, Facebook, and other items.  Technologyaddiction.blogspot.com shows blogs from different people being addicted to job hunting, blogging, and other internet sources. I think that children being hypnotized by software is terrible for many reasons.  

One reason that I think children becoming almost obsessed with electronics is because they never have the confidence to do what they do online in person.  Geekwithlaptop.com talks about how adults and children don't know the difference.  Kaylyn P, 8th grader, disagrees with me and says, "It's more fun to chat with friends on Facebook rather than in person."  When people are chatting on Facebook or texting, they may be talking to someone that they don't talk to in school.  Basically, they are losing part of their social instincts.  This is bad because eventually our world will turn into a bunch of people who feel uncomfortable around other people.  

Another reason I think that the new world of devices ruins our generation's brains is because they forget the wonderful world of nature.  ArticlesBase.com describes how parents have been opening their children's doors to their rooms and finding them stuck on the constant Facebook page. Mrs. Bauer, elective and focus teacher, says, "Kids should set a personal goal.  That goal can be something as simple as taking a fifteen minute walk." Maybe this will help kids realize that everything is okay in moderation.  When kids are absorbed in their texting or computers, they don't realize what a nice day it is.  They SHOULD be spending their time with friends and family, up and doing things.  Maybe not even outside, as long as they break their electronic addiction.  

Lastly, kids begin to slack off in school.  Kaylyn P says, "Kids get better keyboarding skills when  they spend time on the computer."  This may be true, but most homework assignments are hand-written!         Plus, once they are into whatever they're doing online or somewhere else, they forget about how much homework they have or the chores that they have to do.  Parents are constantly yelling at their kids to do their jobs at home, but usually the children just tune them out because they're too absorbed in the internet.  

Technologyaddiction.blogspot.com also states how adults can get addicted to TV because of when their parents would leave them home and that's the only way they would entertain themselves.  I love the internet and texting, but I have learned to manage my time and make sure that I get everything done on time and still appreciate the world around me.  All of you readers need to make sure you balance electronics, nature, and homework, too.