The Detroit Tigers, Best Team in the MLB
by AL S
June 8, 2010
Detroit, home of most of the major league teams in Michigan.  We have the Red Wings, the Pistons, the Lions, and the Tigers. The Detroit Tigers are probably the best baseball team in the US and though this year they are having an OK season, we’ve done pretty well for ourselves.  

For example, not too long ago the Tigers traveled to New York to face off against the New York Yankees who are currently the highest ranked team in the MLB (not for long, though).  While we were there, the Tigers crushed the Yankees and won four out of five total games in New York.  Even those who don’t like the Tigers were greatly surprised.  Alex G, 8th, says, “I’m not a Tigers fan, but I’m really glad that they beat the Yankees, who I dislike even more.”

Many Detroit Fans like myself see this not just as a win, but as a victory over our rivals.  Also we have beaten many other team this season like the Cleveland Indians, LA Angels, and many others.  

Our stats are looking pretty good this season, too. Miguel Cabrera has an extremely high batting average of .352 and Austin Jackson is right behind him with .341.  Also our two best pitchers, Jeremy Bonderman and Justin Verlander, have an ERA of 3.72 and 3.75.

Though we may not be having the best season ever with a standing of 28-25, many feel as though it will get better as time passes. Tiger supporters like Sara M, 7th, are hopeful. “I think the Tigers are off to a pretty good start this year and are going to get better as time goes on.”

So I think even you non-Detroit fans should come watch the games and help cheer our team on.