Top movies of the last decade
January 14, 2010

A lot of movies were made this decade. Some of the best, I think, are the ones that have just the right balance of action and softness. Or, at least if they're soft, they have to be pretty dang funny.

One of my favorites was Shrek. Sure, it's an animation story for kids, but it has the comedy to help the adults sit through it with their kids. “I liked the donkey,” said Brian C, 7th.“My least favorite part was the romance. It was pretty bad.”  

I remember going to see Shrek the Third four times in theaters. And, it wasn't just that normal fairy tale. Pixar put a spin on it.  You know, the whole ogre thing. That isn't really common in your everyday fairy tale. “My favorite part was when they saved the princess from the dragon,” said Brian, “and my least favorite part was when they broke into song.”

And it is definitely creative. A talking donkey? Where did that come from? In short, I believe that this movie is one of the best of it's time.

Another of my favorites is Lord of the Rings (This makes me feel like a World of Warcraft nerd...). Even though this is one of those book-before-movie things, I still think it's really good. The creators really tried to fit everything into the movie from the book. I mean, the first disc is like, three hours long! The story line is really good, too. But, enough about that! What I like the most about this movie is it's not one-hundred percent prissy! Sure, it has its frilly moments, but it is NOT a chick flick. Have you seen those ork things? (shivers) How do they get people to wear make up like that? Or are they animated?

Which brings me to one of my all time favorites. No... my all time favorite.  Spirited Away. Not too many people have seen it (because it's from Japan), but those who have know why it's on this list. It's a little creepy, I'll say that. And it's not something you should show to a five-year-old, even if it is animated (You should've seen my friend. Heh heh...).  It had top box office rates in Japan until Titanic came out. I've seen this movie so many times I know exactly who is going to say what, and when. This movie is full of surprises and soft, but it's not a chick flick, and it has a killer ending.

And my last movie (which came out just in time) is Avatar. Almost everybody has probably already seen the most expensive movie ever made, but if you haven't... get your butt unstuck to whatever it's stuck to and get to a movie theater! “My favorite part of the movie,” said Becky V, 7th, “was when they tried to save the lady with the red hair, and she died. My least favorite part was the beginning, because it was so boring.”

It's a long movie, but it's worth it. It starts out when a boy comes to another planet to replace his twin brother, who served in the army and died. His legs don't work, but his mind is placed (not permanently) into an avatar, which is an artificial body made with the mixed DNA of the aliens and humans. He is sent into deep into their territory to spy, but decides that he doesn't want to kill them, or make them move.

And psh... who doesn't want to see a story about giant blue people? Said Becky, “My favorite part of the movie was the skin color! It was really cool!” What I like about this movie is how it mixes the past and the future, is not chick-flickish (What? Something without a little gun powder just isn't my thing!), and, well, it can be a little funny at times. “If you see it in 3D, the picture is kinda blurry,” said Becky, “but it's still pretty good.”

So, there is the end of my list! I hope you enjoy them!