Michigan football won't be much better in 2010
March 25, 2010
In the 2009 football season, the University of Michigan ranked last in the Big Ten conference.  Many people believe it was the coaching staff's fault. Sophomore Justin M. said,"U of M is only bad because of the coaches so I think they need new ones."   

But I think there's more to it than that.  All the coaches can do is prepare you for the game. Once you're on the field, it's all up to the players to execute what they were taught, and obviously Michigan just didn't do that last year.  The defense usually gave up plays for huge gains; again that's something the coaches can't help.    Michigan had at least one turnover in every single game they played last year, and that's something the coaches can't help.
Eighth grader Kaylyn P. said, "Yes I think Michigan was terrible last year because of how bad the coaches were and their offense is really bad."  I think the main problem is with the two freshman quarterbacks, Tate Forcier and Denard Robinson.  Michigan received two four-star freshman quarterbacks last season, so it was no doubt they weren't going to do great last season, and everyone knew that. Quarterback is a position that you need a few years of experience with your team to be able to win games. 

They both have the speed and accuracy to run the spread offense Michigan uses, but anytime Forcier is forced to scramble, he holds the ball out in one hand and fumbles when he is hit and that's why he has so many turnovers.  In one game against Ohio State, Forcier threw four interceptions and caused a safety when he fumbled in his own end-zone.  

And Robinson is a great running QB but isn't as much of a pass threat. In 21 pass attempts he threw four interceptions. That’s terrible.  The offensive coaches really need to work with those two and once they fix those errors, Michigan's offense will start to get stronger again.  Michigan coaches really need to work on the problem with turnovers,  In October 2009, Michigan was leading the Big Ten Conference with thirteen turnovers and nine miscues in just two games.  Michigan finished the season with a minus seven turnover margin.  

What was unexpected was the lack of effort from the defense. They gave up plays that easily should have been stopped. There was either a lack of communication on the field or a lack of effort.  Yes, it was partially the coaching staff's fault because they should have addressed the issues, but the players weren't executing their plays properly.  And sometimes it was just bad calls. At times the defense was in a nickel formation when they needed to be in a dime.  That's where the lack of experience comes in and the coaches need to address it.
I do believe Michigan will become a higher ranked team again in the upcoming years, but it definitely won't be in the 2010 season because they need to grow as a team and most of the players just need more experience.  The only thing we can do to help is criticize the coaches and just wait it out until the team has more experience.  If you really want to try and do something about it, try writing to one of the coaches.