Where the Wild Things Are
November 9, 2009
When you were little, did your parents read you bedtime stories?  One of the most popular children's books is an excellent tale about a young boy named Max that finds a secret island, Where the Wild Things Are. Max becomes their king.  It's a simple short story.  But it has recently been made into an exciting motion picture.  

The filmmakers definitely managed to thicken the plot.  The creators took Max from happy child to troubled child.  Max's home life is not good.  His mom is starting to date again and he feels neglected.  

The filmmakers also gave the wild things names and personalities, like K.W. and Carol, two loving characters with tempers.  There's also Douglas, a very outgoing and strange character.

A lot more action was put in such as a war between the wild things, and a scene where Max runs away from home. Conflict between the characters was also put in.

Eighth grader Valerie N, who saw this movie, said, "I really enjoyed it! I think other kids in our grade would like it."  She also agrees with its four out of five star rating.  "This movie was good but it was based after a children's book, and this movie is a little too intense for little kids."  Valerie also thought the acting was good.  

Another person who enjoyed this movie is eighth grader Shawn A, who also said the movie was good. "I didn't want to see it at first, but after I'd seen it I liked it," says Shawn.  "It was very exciting at times and very emotional as well."  Shawn also thinks this movie isn't appropriate for younger kids because of bad language and frightening images.

A lot of people saw the previews for this movie and jumped to the conclusion that this movie is for little kids.  Those people are very wrong.  The real conclusion is that this movie has a lot of heart and is meant for kids our age.  So next time you're looking to see a good movie, go see Where the Wild Things Are.